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I’ve struggled with a bad neck for years and traction has been one of the most effective treatments. I was so excited to learn about Neck Hammock and decided to give it a try. This products works just like traction, but is much more relaxing! It provides a gentle stretch that loosens muscles and relieves tension. I also like that this little device is portable and lightweight–super easy to travel with! I’m tell all of my friends about it–it works!

Alright….truthfully this thing is straight magic! I work 9 to 5 at a computer and afterwards I head to kickboxing and it has been doing a number on my neck and back. I have been using the Neck Hammock for a few days now and honestly this thing is a game changer. I can feel less tension in both my neck and my back. I just told my mom to go buy one because I know this will make a big difference for her as well. I think everyone can relate to stress on the neck and the back which is why I think everyone can really benefit from this.

Flower Queen

Courtney W.

I’ve been counting down the days until this arrived and I must say……its AWESOME!!!! Even after one use I could feel the relief from the tension releasing in my neck. I’m an avid crossfit goer so this even helps prime me for overhead workouts as well! I can count on one hand how many reviews I have left so it must be worthy. I will say beware and ensure you’re getting this legit one. Many knock offs are surfacing on Amazon.

I bought this for my boyfriend who has been having neck and shoulder pain. I decided to use it after days of tension headaches. I have to say, this helped relieve the headaches. It’s nice to come home from staring at a computer all day to relax in the hammock. It takes all the stress off my neck. Would reccomend for those that suffer from headaches like me.

Kim V.

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Have a Question? See Our FAQs

What is cervical traction and what does it do for your neck?

It’s a highly effective method of gently pulling the head away from the neck to relieve neck pain for individuals suffering from arthritis, herniated and/or bulging discs, cervical muscle strains and spasms.

Cervical traction accomplishes three things:
1. The muscles along the spinal cord begin to relax and gradually stretch, along with ligaments around the spine.
2. The intervertebral space of the spine expands, which brings blood flow, circulation, and nutrition to the areas which were being compressed.
3. Increased circulation helps to oxygenate muscles, nerves, tendons, and ligaments, which leads to decreased pain and increased mobility.

This way, pinched nerves are released, herniated and bulging discs are reduced, and pressure is relieved.

How is The Neck Hammock better than other cervical traction devices?

Basically, it’s much simpler and much more user friendly. In the past, individuals could only receive traction at a physical therapist’s office. But these visits are often time consuming, inconvenient, and costly. Today, there are many at-home cervical traction devices, but most are complex, cumbersome, bulky, expensive, and potentially injurious. What was missing was an easy to use, compact, non-marring, effective traction device that minimized discomfort and avoids potentially injurious stresses, while giving the patient ultimate relaxation and pain relief. Physical therapist Dr. Steve Suddell recognized this…so he created The Neck Hammock!

Can The Neck Hammock replace physical therapy?

No. While The Neck Hammock achieves many of the same benefits of physical and massage therapy, it is not meant to replace these modalities.

Instead, it’s meant to be a compliment to these therapies which can be used every day to help relieve pain and protect against future injury.

Can anyone use The Neck Hammock?

Almost! The Neck Hammock is ideal for:
* Office workers
* Students
* Athletes
* Shift workers
* Laborers
* Drivers
* Bodyworkers

Do not use The Neck Hammock if you have:
* Acute Cervical Injury
* Spinal Instability
* Spinal Hypermobility
* Neck Tumors
* Rheumatoid Arthritis
* Osteomylelitis
* Are under the age of 16

What is the Neck Hammock made of?

The Neck Hammock is 80% polyester, 20% spandex.

Does Neck Hammock work on all doors?

Pretty much! It’s designed to work on any swinging door with a handle or knob.

Are there instructions on how to use this?

It’s unbelievably simple. Just follow these three steps:

1. Wrap it around your door handle
2. Close the door
3. Lie down and relax!

If you’re not using a door handle to secure The Neck Hammock, a door jamb or a railing will work as well.

How far should the top of your head be from the wall/door that the Neck Hammock is attached to?

It’s really up to you. Remember, the objective is to feel a comfortable, gradual stretch, and much of it depends on how it feels for you. Ideally, we recommend that the base/pad of the Neck Hammock be approximately 2-4 inches off the ground when assembled, however, as for the distance between the hammock and the y-axis (e.g. wall or door), it will also depend as to which angle feels relaxing and comfortable for you.If you are seeking a more aggressive stretch, scoot away from the wall or door. Start more conservatively and see how your body responds after 1 session.

If the stretch is too much, move back towards the wall or door. Your body is very smart, it knows what it likes and doesn’t like. If the stretch feels too strong, then it probably is. Adjust the tension based on your needs.

How many times a day can I use this?

We like to compare this to improving hamstring flexibility. If you have REALLY tight hamstrings, then you are probably going to need to stretch them 2-3x a day for a few weeks to see permanent physical change. If you have relatively flexible hamstrings, then you probably only need to stretch them 3-4x per week. It’s the same as your neck. If it’s in bad shape, you may need to use 2-3x per day up to 15 minutes at a time. If 15 minutes give you a headache, try to decrease the time and place the pad more towards the middle of your neck.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes! Every Neck Hammock comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied. All parts must be in their original packaging (including all printed inserts, parts, and pieces) without signs of wear and tear. ”

Will I have to pay any additional customs, duties or VAT fees when I receive my order?

Depending on your country, it is possible that you will be charged one or more of these fees when you receive your order.

How long does delivery take to countries outside of the U.S.?

We ship orders out FAST, but we can’t control carrier transit times. For orders outside the USA, please allow 7-12 business days for your order to arrive. Delivery times will vary based on country.